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BIZ-SKYTS ERP companies streamline their operations by automating the workflow of all departments of the organization and easing dataflow with accuracy and speed while keeping intact all security checks. Our solution enables manufacturers to maintain a perfect level of co-ordination among different operational processes and thus help them achieve operational excellence that enhances their level of customer service, while reducing operational time as well as cost. BIZ-SKYTS ERP helps manufacturers gain competitive advantage by streamlining, organizing and optimizing their operational processes that include procurement, inventory & logistics execution, product development & manufacturing, sales & services, accounts & banking.With smoother day to day operations, manufacturers can maximize their profitability, optimize resource utilization and reduce budget, enabling them to invest more on creativity and innovation.

The Complete Details Of each Moudle is listed Below So, pick any of these module as per your requiremnts and All the module have the functionality of Customization

This module manages the Product information with Images and its component and material detail with costing. Product catalog and Buyer’s product information is processed in this modules. This module handle the following operation

  • Product Catalog with gross wt. and net wt.
  • Specific Packaging.
  • Material master (Raw Material, Consumables and tools master).
  • Buyer’s Information and their Product Detail and images with required material for purchase.
  • Buyer’s Price History.
  • Buyer’s product Packing Detail with Dimension and weight.
  • Incentive Heads & Rates (DPEB, DBK Etc.)

Information stored in this module further used in Material Requirement Planning and Inventory control modules.

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In this modules Buyer’s Order, Performa Invoices and Works Order are generated for further transaction. Pending orders detail with qty, weight, volume and values is maintained in this module. Following are the options of this module:-

  • Buyer’s Product Information with weight , volume and prices.
  • Buyer’s Order with Weight and volume analysis for container planning.
  • Performa invoice Generation.
  • Work Order Generation for Production and Procurement Department.
  • Buyer wise pending order detail.
  • Monthly Pending Order Shipment chart on the basis of Target Delivery Dates of P.I.
  • Buyer wise Product Sales History (Qty and Values).

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After the Work Order Generation this modules generates the Required Material Qty chart with stock in hand qty. This module displays the latest last Vendor and Prices of the required material. Required qty can be altered as per requirement. On the bases of material requirement planning sheet Purchase orders are generated. This module helps users in following transaction:-

  • Stock Level Checking.
  • Prices Comparison
  • Vendor and Price Selection
  • Pending material for P.O generation
  • After selection of vendors and prices auto P.O Generation
  • P.O Material Delivery Track
  • W.O Status with material detail of P.O to be issued, Item Pending of Receipt and rejection.

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This module manages the process of Purchase Order against W.O and General Purchase order of Consumables. Gate and store entry transaction are also being manage by this module. Following are options of this module:-

  • Purchase order Against W.O on the basis of Material Requirement Sheet.
  • General purchase order against requisition slips
  • P.O Cancelation
  • Gate entry against bill
  • Store Entry against gate entry
  • Rejection voucher.
  • Purchase books
  • Monthly Purchase & Demand Summary
  • Pending purchase order W.O Wise, Vendor Wise and Item Wise

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In this module every product manufacturing process and stages are defined and daily work done transaction are feed into the system to keep track record of time consumed in mfg. of production. Each stages stock is maintained in these modules. These modules are designed according to the needs of an enterprise. Some the common features are following:-

  • Daily finished goods vouchers.
  • Finished goods stock balance.
  • Daily packed qty voucher for dispatch.
  • GST HSN stock summary.

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In this module packing list for export documentation is maintained with semi/ master qty and weight and volumes. Excise invoice and retail invoices are generated in this module.

  • Domestic Dispatch Notes.
  • Export Packing list
  • Packing labels for boxes

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This module caters all the requirements of an export department with following options: -

  • Buyer enquiry form.
  • Performa invoice for buyer and Custom.
  • Work Order against Performa invoice.
  • L/C Register.
  • Commercial invoice For Custom and Buyer.
  • Packing list custom and Buyer.
  • Insurance.
  • GSP Form.
  • GSP Invoice.
  • Shipping Instruction.
  • Bill of Exchange.
  • Export Shipment register.
  • Export Sale Register.
  • Payment receipt (Bank Advice).
  • Pending BRC.
  • BRC Making.
  • EFC Account.
  • Party wise pending payments.
  • Bank Statement Foreign currency In hand.
  • Product and country wise product sales.

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This modules manage the DPEB, DBK Incentive and Focus incentive register with calculation and actual receipts

  • DBK Calculation sheet.
  • DBK Receipt.
  • Focus incentive calculation.
  • Pending incentive.

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These modules manage the inventory transaction to keep up to date stock reports. Each material ledger and summary is maintained in these modules.

  • Daily consumption voucher.
  • Bill wise stock maintenance.
  • Vendor wise stock balance.
  • Store wise stock balance.
  • Material below Minimum and maximum level.
  • Stock evaluation.
  • Vendor price comparison.
  • Receipt and Issue summary.
  • Daily issue cum receipt register.

Much More

These modules maintained all the financial transaction. Its manage the following transaction and reports:_

  • purchase posting.
  • sale posting.
  • GST ,TCS and TDS Vouchers.
  • Bill wise Payment voucher.
  • Bill wise Receipt vouchers.
  • General ledgers.
  • Bank Transfer Letter (NEFT and RTGS)
  • Fixed Assets and its maintenance cost system.
  • Trading and profit and loss statements.
  • Trial balance.
  • Balance sheet.
  • Fixed schedule annexures.
  • Cash books.
  • Transfer column cash book.
  • Cash in hand statement.
  • Monthly Trial.
  • Depreciation Chart.
  • Debtor/Creditor/Depositor Lis.
  • Debit Note/Credit Note.
  • Daily Trading Account.
  • Aging Analysis.

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This reporting system generates the following legal and statutory reports: -

    Goods and Service tax (GST).
    a. GSTR-1.
    b. GSTR-2
    c. GSTR-2A.
    d. GSTR-3B
    e. GST ITC-04
    f. GST Ledger
  • TDS Reports.
  • TDS Form 16-A.
  • TCS Report.
  • Goods Stock Tally.

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This module helps in maintaining banking managements with following options:-

  • Cheque issue cum receipt register.
  • Bank reconcile.
  • Bank interest calculation.
  • Outstanding Cheques.
  • Cheque book register.
  • Cheque printings.

Much More

Following overall business analysis reports are generated: -

  • Yearly Sales and Purchase Comparison.
  • Yearly and monthly Expenses comparison.
  • Export Sale Reports.
  • Product wise Export Sale Reports.
  • Buyer wise Export Sale Reports.
  • Vendor wise product history.
  • Immovable A/c List.
  • Product Sale Analysis.

Much More

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